Organization Award for Excellence

This Organization Award for Excellence is presented annually to local or statewide organizations that assist communities with planning and implementation of programs that enhance the quality of life in Iowa.

2020 Recipient: Iowa’s County Conservation System

Iowa’s County Conservation System is receiving the 2020 Keep Iowa Beautiful Organization Award for providing a better Iowa County through conservation, education and recreation making Iowa a better place to live.


2019 Recipient: Iowa Department of Transportation and the Living Roadways Trust Fund

The 2019 Organizational Award was presented to the Iowa Department of Transportation and the Living Roadways Trust Fund for the grant integrated roadside vegetative management program making Iowa’s roadsides visually interesting and making Iowa and it’s communities a more attractive place to live and work. The award was presented at the Governor’s office on March 28, 2019.


2018 Recipient: Iowa Downtown Resource Center

The Iowa Downtown Resource Center delivers critical resources to help Iowa small towns thrive. This organization helps communities learn more about the importance of downtown development and specifically how communities can use specific tools to make downtowns more viable through a downtown walk around or through the services of the award-winning Main Street Iowa program.

2017 Recipient: Pride in Community Appearance (PICA) Volunteer Group

The PICA volunteer group was recognized for the many volunteers who enhance the beauty, cleanliness, and attractiveness of Fort Dodge. 

2016 Recipient: The Iowa League of Cities
The Iowa League of Cities is recognized for providing advocacy, training, and guidance, making Iowa’s communities more attractive places to live and enhancing the quality of life across the state.


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