“That’s one small step…….”

By Gerald F. Schnepf, Executive Director “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind!” is the famous quote credited to astronaut Neil Armstrong as he stepped on to the moon, 49 years ago – July 20, … Continued

Costly and Cringe-worthy, Litter Hurts Iowa

No Litter Hotline Decal

The fastest way to spoil the beauty of our State? Litter. In order of the biggest groups of offenders, discarded fast food containers, paper, aluminum, glass, and plastic make up the bulk of these eyesores. Littering cleanup costs the Iowa … Continued

What Do Costa Rica and Iowa Have in Common?

The answer is “not much!” Consider these comparisons: Costa Rica Iowa Population 4.9 million 3.1 million Land Area   19,714 sq. miles 56,276 sq. miles Topography    Mountainous Reasonably Level   Why do I bring this to our attention? Recently, my … Continued

Lead or Lose


As we look to the future of Iowa’s small-town communities, Keep Iowa Beautiful is encouraged by Governor Reynolds’ statement in the Condition of the State Address – Segment on Small Towns and Rural Iowa. “I believe the heart, soul, and … Continued

Iowa’s Treasure Chest

Iowa Volunteers!

Every day, every hour and every minute we help ourselves to Iowa’s treasure chest. No, it is not a chest filled with gold coins – it is even better! This is one of Iowa’s greatest treasures. It is important for … Continued

Being Thankful for Iowa Communities

My experience with over 14 years of orchestrating vintage automobile tours passing through or with stops in almost every town in Iowa makes me thankful for the wide variety of small towns and the special and unique appeal they each … Continued

This State Needs You to Adopt Iowa | August 2017

You’ve been there. It’s those moments where you walk along a stream, down a city trail or even motor along a highway and the sight of litter disrupts your view. I’m the first to grumble about tossed aside water bottles, … Continued

Bring Back the Threshing Ring | July 2017

Threshing Machine

The cereal grain known as oats was once a common small farm crop in Iowa. In the sun, a field of mature oats looks like a golden sea. A beautiful part of our landscape. July is normally the month for … Continued