Delaware County – A Model for Iowa

Recently my wife and I made a trip to Northeast Iowa to present a Keep Iowa Beautiful check-off check to the Community of Guttenberg for beautification efforts and improvements to their beautiful lineal riverfront park. During that trip we had … Continued

Small Town Quality

Driving around Iowa frequently takes you through the small towns that often bring back memories or thoughts or rural farm life in Iowa. Many times the image of these small towns is one of abandoned buildings, property in decay along … Continued

Teach A Man To Fish

The parable generally stated says that “if you give a man a fish he can feed himself for a day – teach a man to fish and he can feed himself for a lifetime”. Providing the training, guidance and education … Continued

The $62.50 Sandwich!

Buying a sandwich normally costs between $1 and $10. It is not often that you pay $62.50 for a sandwich. There is a story behind this expensive sandwich. Not long ago I was visiting with a Deputy Sheriff from one … Continued