The Iowa Story

Iowan’s have a long standing interest in the beauty of their communities. Local beautification efforts have been in existence in communities throughout the state for decades. The idea, however, of a statewide effort to assist, support and enhance local efforts … Continued

Christmas Gift to Iowa!

The spiritual basis for Christmas tends to take a back seat to the commercial gauntlet that is in front of us each year. We become a nation where “presents” become the measurement of our Christmas experience. If you were searching … Continued

Your Chance to Help Keep Iowa Beautiful

It can be frustrating to pull up behind a vehicle at a stoplight or stop sign and watch the driver dump an ash tray filled with cigarette butts on to the street or to watch someone throw a bag of … Continued

An Ounce Of Prevention

Having just completed celebrating America’s independence makes me think that we should be celebrating another form of independence – freedom from littered neighborhoods, roadways and countryside. How we treat our countryside tends to reflect how we feel about our country. … Continued

Sully – A Model Community

Exactly one year ago I shared the story about a trip to Northeast Iowa and the travel experience through Delaware County. The drive took us through the rolling hills of a strikingly beautiful countryside – not unlike portions of Bavaria … Continued

Take Time to Smell the Roses

Thoughts of spring start to creep into our mind as we move into January. This article fits for spring thoughts. The expression – “take time to smell the roses” is a gentle reminder to stop for a moment in our … Continued

The New Iowa Flag

Mrs. Dixie Gebhardt the designer of our Iowa Flag would certainly be bothered to see the title to this column. The flag was officially adopted in 1921. The slogan on that flag is one that we should all remember “Our … Continued

Home Run For Litter Prevention

It may not be baseball season, however, this is baseball news – The Iowa Cubs have developed a “home run” for litter prevention. During the past three years the Iowa Cubs have been working at a “litter reduction” program. The … Continued