Green Runners

The Green Runners group meets to motivate walkers and runners to help clean up their communities. 

Since 2012, this Des Moines-based running group has focused on litter cleanup. Group members meet at designated locations several times throughout the summer months and set out for a jog (or walk) with garbage bags and gloves. Their efforts help collect more than 200 bags of trash! 

Local waste management companies donate garbage bags. After each run, the runners find a local establishment to dine, converse, and get to know one another.

Capitol to Corn Dogs Run

Keep Iowa Beautiful works with the Green Runners, the Iowa State Fair and Doll Distributing to support the “Capitol to Corn Dog Run.” This run begins at the State Capitol and finishes at the State Fairgrounds during the Iowa State Fair. As they run through neighborhoods along the way, they pick up litter and trash. The project drives public awareness, helps participants provide a great service and improves local neighborhood cleanliness.

The idea is growing as new Green Runner groups have organized in Perry, Ames, and Humboldt. 

Join or Start Your Own Group!

It’s easy to start a Green Runners group in your community! 

Contact Rachel Scheib at [email protected] for more information or visit to learn more about this Iowa group. 

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