Iowa Volunteers!

Every day, every hour and every minute we help ourselves to Iowa’s treasure chest. No, it is not a chest filled with gold coins – it is even better! This is one of Iowa’s greatest treasures. It is important for us to remember this treasure at any time of the year, but, particularly at the holiday season.

Well what is the treasure chest? It is “you” – Iowan’s that provide their time, generosity and talent to help local and charitable causes and needs in your neighborhoods, communities and around the State. This is a year-round gift that helps others every day of the year – even the holidays!

It is:

  • Neighbors helping neighbors to harvest a crop,
  • Everyone that serves the various religious organizations,
  • All of those individuals that serve on the boards of various charities,
  • Volunteers that help with schools and education needs,
  • Iowan’s adopting roadways and other public areas to help care for those places,
  • Citizens that travel Iowa and the country to help with disaster needs,
  • Those that take non-paid elected offices in State and local governments or organizations,
  • Those individuals and businesses that financially support or help raise funds for charitable and public efforts,
  • Those that voluntarily serve others in need – the homeless, the ill, the disadvantaged and those without food,
  • Individuals with special skills and talents that voluntarily help others in need with health, accounting, tax and legal services,
  • Those that simply help a neighbor paint a home or fix a fence,
  • Keep Iowa Beautiful donors, sponsors and volunteers around our State that work to improve your communities and to support the Hometown Pride programs, and
  • Your friend and next-door neighbor, the business down the street, Iowan’s of all ages that provide their “time, talent and treasure” to make Iowa a better place to live.

The following are some figures that reflect the scope of Iowa’s Treasure Chest – the Iowa volunteer and individual charitable giving summary taken from a 2015 report from the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Overall, in Iowa in 2015:

32.5% of resident’s volunteer, ranking Iowa 10th among 50 states and Washington, DC.

765,675 volunteers

34.0 volunteer hours per capita

75.03 million hours of service

$1.95 billion of service contributed

55.0% of residents donate $25 or more to charity

Keep Iowa Beautiful is thankful for this Treasure Chest of great people and financial support for making Iowa a better place to live. We hope that you are a part of that treasure chest, if not, look at some ways that you can either donate time, provide financial support or share your talents helping an individual or an organization.

Please take the time to thank those that volunteer their time and effort to help others.