How Hometown Pride Works

The Hometown Pride program works when everyone involved is committed to furthering the economic and cultural vitality of the county and its communities. The truth is, it does take a village. This partnership strategy is only successful when it is mutually supported, facilitated, and coordinated. Every decision, even determining which coach the Hometown Pride community will work with, is made locally.

Keep Iowa Beautiful’s Vital Role

When working with local government, local businesses, community members, volunteers and Keep Iowa Beautiful, Hometown Pride communities achieve more.

This is how the Hometown Pride program works; once a coach is selected

  1. Keep Iowa Beautiful will contract with that dedicated community coach to help serve the needs of the Hometown Pride community for a five-year term.
  2. An agreement, written by Keep Iowa Beautiful outlines the commitment for both parties to agree upon and sign. The annual cost is $80,000 per year. Financially, Keep Iowa Beautiful commits $40,000 to the Hometown Pride program and the community contributes 50 percent or $40,000 annually to the program.
  3. A full assessment of county and community plans, along with developing programs, services and financial opportunities are all ways the Hometown Pride coach helps communities realize their potential.
  4. Our coaches then serve the Hometown Pride community by helping local leaders recruit and select local steering committees to lead certain areas of the developed action plan and programs. Monthly committee meetings of each community committee will be required along with the establishment of formal officers, procedures and recording of minutes. These committees meet with their Hometown Pride coach regularly to ensure objectives are being met.

To learn more about this vital program, contact Keep Iowa Beautiful. [email protected]