Fall in the Air and on the Landscape

By Gerry Schnepf Fall is normally filled with color in the trees on the hillsides and in the valleys. The fall smell in the air is that pleasant subtle odor of decaying leaves. It is a reminder that one season … Continued

The Natural Gift | December 2016

Marketing of the Christmas gift shopping season begins earlier each year. The focus is clearly on material items – gifts that can be wrapped or are physical in nature and designed to bring pleasure and excitement to the person receiving … Continued

Where Have All The Trees Gone? | October 2016

Each fall, thousands of Iowans and visitors tour the State to view the beauty and color of trees and forests. This picture of our countryside helps restore our spirit, inspire thoughts of nature and recreate memories from similar excursions of … Continued

An Impressive Piece of Granite | July 2016

Granite, Iowa that is!!!  If we were being precisely accurate – I think we would need to say Sioux Quartzite.   That is the underlying bedrock in the area around Granite, Iowa (the Sioux Quartzite is often called Granite).  It is … Continued

Where is Blood Run National Historic Landmark?

“Blood Run” takes its name from the red color of the creek during heavy rains because of iron oxide. A few hundred years ago Blood Run National Historic Landmark in the Big Sioux River Valley was a very busy place … Continued

Iowa Treasures

PIECES OF EIGHT IN COLOR – Iowa Treasures October – 2014 As we slip into fall, we start to look for color in our trees and forests and places of beauty.  That search is like a treasure hunt. One of … Continued

On The Road Again

ON THE ROAD AGAIN!   February, 2014 Gerald F. Schnepf, Executive Director     Spring is close and thoughts of travel come to mind.  Increased levels of mobility by American’s and world citizens provides both an opportunity and a challenge.  … Continued

Take Time to Smell the Roses

Thoughts of spring start to creep into our mind as we move into January. This article fits for spring thoughts. The expression – “take time to smell the roses” is a gentle reminder to stop for a moment in our … Continued