Cream of the Crop

The title for this article is certainly appropriate to recognize an individual that has given a great deal of leadership, time and effort to the success of Keep Iowa Beautiful. Miriam Erickson Brown served as a Board member of Keep … Continued

2018 – The Year in Review

What a great year, 2018. We hope that you are as inspired as we are in all that we accomplished for Iowans and Iowa. Hometown Pride Keep Iowa Beautiful’s Hometown Pride program was developed in 2012 as a practical way … Continued

Business Leader Spotlight: Doug Shull

We have just experienced the “most joyful and thankful season of the year.” Friends and relatives become especially prominent in our lives at this time of the year. They are filled with the concepts of thanks, sharing, appreciation and happiness. … Continued

There’s no silver bullet!

By Gerald F. Schnepf, Executive Director The use of the term ‘silver bullet’ often refers to the ability to cut through red tape and complexity to provide an immediate, quick and easy solution to a problem or a need. It … Continued

“That’s one small step…….”

By Gerald F. Schnepf, Executive Director “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind!” is the famous quote credited to astronaut Neil Armstrong as he stepped on to the moon, 49 years ago – July 20, … Continued

Lead or Lose


As we look to the future of Iowa’s small-town communities, Keep Iowa Beautiful is encouraged by Governor Reynolds’ statement in the Condition of the State Address – Segment on Small Towns and Rural Iowa. “I believe the heart, soul, and … Continued