We have just experienced the “most joyful and thankful season of the year.” Friends and relatives become especially prominent in our lives at this time of the year. They are filled with the concepts of thanks, sharing, appreciation and happiness. Businesses tend to join in the spirit of the season through dinners, celebrations, gifts and special events for employees and families. In some cases, there may even be bonuses, time off or charitable gifts to various organizations. The business leader puts on their best “face” for everyone during the season.

What I would like to talk about is a business leader that puts on their best face around the year. This individual is thoughtful, sharing, kind, appreciative and in great spirits the year round – truly a believer in community service and helping those around him and his community not only during the season, but every day of the year.

Doug Shull of Indianola is a hometown boy from Sac City, an accountant by background and education, former Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Casey’s General Stores, State legislator, County Supervisor, teacher at Simpson College, a loving husband and father and an accounting partner with his brother in a local firm. For Keep Iowa Beautiful the last accolade is one of the best. Doug has been on the board and treasurer of Keep Iowa Beautiful since its start – just over 20 years ago.

Doug fully understood that Casey’s has a company heritage focused on small towns. During that time, he came to recognize the long-term importance of the work of KIB in enhancing those communities and in aiding in their survival and success. That was not only for Casey’s benefit, but for the very culture and economic vitality of these special places that often represent the face of Iowa. Doug continues by indicating, “At Casey’s, we were always aware of the importance of a healthy and clean community. I cannot stress enough how helpful this is when recruiting talented employees to join our staff. The appeal of the community where we reside is equally as important as our workplace environment and our stores. For small town Iowa these communities need to put their best foot forward and to build community pride and success.”

Doug continues to serve the organization as its Treasurer as well as being an active and involved Board member. He has never missed a meeting or in stepping up to help where there may be special needs. Doug has supported change in the organization so that today it is playing a nationally creative and effective role in working with communities and rural Iowa. These traits certainly reflect Doug’s small-town values. Additionally, with Doug’s leadership, the organization has a growing endowment fund. His assistance to utilize the Greater Des Moines Community Foundation as the manager of our finances as well as the endowment continues to be highly successful.

I believe there are many business leaders with similar qualities that are doing good throughout the year – I can say with confidence that the staff and the full board are truly appreciative. Join with other Iowa Business leaders like Doug that are making Iowa a great place to live. A special thanks to Doug for sharing his life not only for Keep Iowa Beautiful, but also for all the Iowans that are benefitting from the work and success of Keep Iowa Beautiful. We are honored to have Doug as a Keep Iowa Beautiful board member that shares the three “T’s” – time, talent and treasure.

Take the time to explore with us how you can help us achieve the values that Doug sees in Iowa’s communities and rural Iowa by becoming a Keep Iowa Beautiful sponsor. Visit our Sponsorship web page and find out how easy it is.

Gerald F. Schnepf, Executive Director