The face of Iowa is reflected by the cultural and economic vitality of its small villages and towns. When small-town Iowa shines, Iowa shines!

We are fortunate Iowa offers a wide range of communities providing residents and businesses opportunities to thrive. Our small towns embody a sense of value and moral responsibility.

However, many of Iowa’s small towns suffer the loss of residents, business, leadership, jobs, schools, churches, banks, medical services, communication, focus, vision, and spirit.

Without a statewide policy and program of support for Iowa’s small towns, we send a message of indifference that in fact suggests we are making policy against their hopeful future. Focusing a balanced effort on the future of these 864 small communities could be the catalyst in reviving the economic health and vitality in Iowa’s small towns.

Please click on the image below to download a four-page brochure discussing critical needs & issues facing small-town Iowa municipals – and small-town residential impacts.


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