A Garden for Every School

Learn how to start a school garden program in your community. A Garden for Every School is a free video training program of Keep Iowa Beautiful that walks schools through every step in the school garden planning process.

This program provides multiple short videos, each with a downloadable PDF planning guide to fill out as a team. This program content comes directly from the mouths of school garden coordinators, principals, parents, students, and organizations supporting school gardens. By combining honest input from real-world experts, A Garden for Every School helps navigate the challenges, funding, and time-saving solutions of starting a school garden.

Know Where Food Comes From

As our youth participate in hands-on learning through A Garden for Every School, they begin to discover that “real food” grows from the earth. When students are involved in the planning planting and nurturing of school gardens, they learn to cultivate their own healthy futures!

Discover more about A Garden from Every School, view training videos and download planning guides, and then start your school garden today!

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